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memorial retail business management software

Built by memorial retailers for memorial retailers, MB ProBuild® is a cloud-based software solution that has all of the features you want and need.

no size or usage limitations | memorial business management software

Limitless Size and Usage

MB ProBuild® does not have any size or usage limitations as some other products on the market. It can store an unlimited number of orders and attached data. Consolidate and attach any type of data file, and store it with the order.
secure access | memorial order management software

Secure Access

MB ProBuild® has fully-functional access control with role-based security. You can assign employees different levels of access so they can see and do only what you give them permission to do.
reliable memorial management software

Time-Tested and Approved

MB ProBuild® has been used successfully by professional monument builders and retailers for more than seven years. Read our reviews!
24/7 cloud-based access | memorial order management system

24/7 Access from Anywhere on Any Device

MB ProBuild® is an Internet-based software management system. This means you can access all of its features from your desktop, tablet or smart phone. Whether you’re in the office or working from a distant sales office, MB ProBuild® is there when you need it! And there is no need to install or update anything!
multi location | monument builder software

Multi-Location Capabilities

MB ProBuild® was built by a memorial retailer with six locations, so the software includes everything you need for a single or multi-location business.

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